Chief Agronomist. English version

Journal "Chief Agronomist. English version"

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The journal is intended for farm managers, chief agronomists and specialists working in horticulture, teachers, graduate students and students of institutions of higher and secondary vocational education, students of advanced training and retraining courses for agricultural enterprises, farmers and owners of personal subsidiary farms.

In each issue you will find: recommendations for improving agricultural systems based on agro-landscape zoning, biologization of agriculture, wide application of new, more tolerant and adaptable to local conditions varieties and hybrids of agricultural plants, use of modern machinery and tools, use of chemical and biological preparations for the protection and improvement of plant nutrition, for economic assessment of agricultural systems and technologies, foreign experience, as well as the best practices of the organization, rationing and remuneration for the main types of field work, land valuation, insurance and procurement policy of a farm, regulatory documents.

Published on a monthly basis. Page count - 80.