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General Submission Requirements for Articles Sent for Publication in the Journals of Research and Practice of the Publishing House “PANORAMA”*

The original version of the article (in Russian or in English**) with the date and the signature of the author, containing text in “Microsoft Word” format (.doc, .docx), can be submitted to the e-mail address of a journal on the server (specified in the "Contacts" section of a journal’s "Information" tab, such a tab can be found on the web-pages of every journal), or via the form for submitting an article to a journal located on the "Send article" tab (such a tab can be found on the web-pages of every journal), or to the general e-mail address (in this case, one should indicate in the title or in the body of e-mail the title of the journal to which the article is submitted for publication).

All text should be typed using Times New Roman font, type size 12pt, with single or one-and-a-half spacing. The indents at the beginning of paragraphs should be 0.7-1.1 cm, the paragraphs should be clearly marked. Page numbering – center alignment from the first page. The desired size of the article should be 8-25 thousand characters with spaces (including annotations, keywords, notes, references). If the size of the article significantly exceeds the one mentioned above, the editor-in-chief of the journal may suggest the author to divide the article into two independent works for publication in the following issues.

Text structure:

  1. Information about author / authors: first name, middle name, last name, academic rank, academic degree, position, place of employment, home or business address (with index), contact telephone numbers, email address, ORCID (if any) - should be placed before the title of the article in the above-mentioned order.
  2. Article title.
  3. The abstract of the article (not more than 250 words without paragraphing) on the relevance and novelty of the subject, the main substantive aspects, is placed after the title of the article.
  4. Keywords concerning the content of the article (5-10 words), which should be given after the abstract.
  5. The main text, divided into sections, preferably according to IMRAD structure (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion).

The text uses quotation marks "...", if there are internal and external quotations, then the double quotation marks "…" should be used around the external ones, and the single quotation marks '...' - around the internal ones.

Tables, diagrams, figures and formulas in the text should be numbered; diagrams and tables should have headings above a diagram or a table field, and each figure should have a caption indicating the source of the used information.

The list of used references in Russian*** should be done in accordance with one of the accepted standards and given after the article. Sources should be given in the same order as they appear in the article. References to the list in the main text should be given in square brackets [source number in the list].

Notes should be numbered with Arabic numerals (using the menu button “superior character” of the text editor). Automatic “footnotes” of a text editor should not be used when formatting sources, notes and references.

Concurrently, page-by-page notes should, if possible, be put to the article-by-article list of sources.

Figure captions should be formatted according to the scheme: title/file number of the illustration – description (what/who is depicted, where; for images of book covers and their contents – bibliographic description; etc.). File numbers in the list should correspond to the titles/numbers of the provided photo materials.

Materials in English – information about author/authors, title of article, abstract, keywords in “Microsoft Word” format (version 1997-2003) are sent to the editorial team in one email message with the article, but in a separate file.

Illustrative materials – in electronic format as separate files in TIFF/JPG/JPEG/PNG format with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Illustrations imported into “Microsoft Word”, as well as their screenshots are not allowed.

The letter of recommendation from a scientific supervisor is required for publication of articles by postgraduate students and applicants.

Authors of articles are responsible for the content of the articles and for the fact of their publication.

The editors do not always share the views of the authors and are not responsible for the inaccuracy of published data.

The editors do not take any responsibility for possible harm caused by the publication of an article to the authors and/or third parties and organizations.

The editors have the right to withdraw an already published article if it turns out that during the publication of the article someone’s rights or generally accepted norms of scientific ethics were violated.

The editors inform the author who submitted the article, the reviewer and the organization where the work was carried out about the fact of withdrawal of the article.

No charge is applied for publishing manuscripts****.

Physical and electronic media with submitted materials sent via Russian Post or a courier service are not subjected to return.

Articles formatted without taking into account the Requirements above have far less chances to be published.

In the accompanying letter, the author indicates that he or she has read and accept the submission requirements. The scanned copy of the completed and signed (by the author) Formal Offer Agreement on assignment of exclusive copyright rights to the Publishing House “Panorama” should be sent together in the email message with the article and other materials.

These general requirements were developed according to recommendations set out in the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation № 793 dated July 25, 2014.

    • valid for journals, which do not have their own submission rules published on their web-pages

** - the possibility of publishing an article in other languages without the Russian original is subject to preliminary approval with the representative of the Publishing House “Panorama”

*** - the requirement of an English-language References list should be discussed with the editor-in-chief of a specific journal.

**** - in some cases, fees for editing services may be charged