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Payment on the Website

To place an order, choose the journals you're interested in, and then click “Add to Cart”.

Choose the subscription period, and month from which the subscription will start. The total price will be generated automatically. Click “Add to Cart”.

Your order is created and sent to the cart (the cart icon is located on the top menu bar on the right).

Place the cursor over the cart image. It will show a complete list of items that you can view again by clicking on the journal icon, or cancel the order by clicking on "X" icon. If you are ready to continue to checkout, click “Subscribe”.

Attentively fill in the fields with contact details for both the private individual and the legal entity (at choice). Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Choose a payment method. Two types of payment are available for private individuals: payment through a bank or online payment. Wire transfer is available for legal entities. Click “Checkout”.

Online Payment Methods

On the website of the online shop of the Publishing House "Panorama" you can pay through the service Robokassa using any way convenient for you:

Bank cards

Using mobile commerce services (MTS, Megafon, Beeline)

Through the Internet banks of leading Banks of the Russian Federation


Through Instant Payment Terminals

Using the iPhone application

Payment via Receipt through any Branch of the Bank

After checkout, if the payment information window does not open automatically, click the “Pay for Order” button. A completed payment receipt will open in a separate window. Please note that the bank fee is not included in the order price!

Print the receipt or rewrite the details and fill in the standard receipt form in your bank.

Pay a receipt at any branch of the bank that accepts payments from private individuals.

Send the scanned copy of the paid receipt by e-mail to or by fax + 7 495 274-22-22.

Save the receipt until the order is confirmed.

Terms of Delivery:

The paid item is sent after the payment has been confirmed.

The payment is identified by the receipt received by our bank.

Note: we cannot guarantee a specific time frame for your payment. Contact your bank for more information on the timing of delivery of the receipt to the recipient's bank.

Delivery of Electronic Versions

Copies of publications in electronic form are provided by:

Sending a link to access the electronic version to the E-mail address (indicated at the order checkout on the website). The link is available within 5 days.