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Analysis and prevention of equipment failures

Sidorov V.A. PhD in Engineering, Donetsk National Technical University, Donetsk, EAM Association, Donetsk, 3/8, Lenina St., Donetsk, 83017, Donetsk People's Republic, e-mail: sidorov_va58@mail.ru
Sidorov A.V. President of the Association for Effective Asset Management, EAM Association, Donetsk, 58, Artema St., Donetsk, 83001, Donetsk People's Republic, e-mail: avsydorov@eam.su

The Association for Effective Asset Management (EAM Association) is pleased to announce the completion of the second book of a two-part publication on equipment failure management methodology. If the first part dealt with the issues of investigation and accounting, the second, being its logical continuation, offers theoretical reflection and practical tools for the analysis and prevention of failures. A couple of words from the authors of the book. Sidorov V.A.: "Several years of my work experience have been devoted directly to the investigation of equipment failures, automation of their accounting and standardization of analysis procedures, as well as operational training, including in the implementation of improvement measures. And now I will be happy to share my knowledge, my experience with you, colleagues!" Sidorov A.V.: "Everyone who by his professional activities encounters equipment failures, needs not only to know but also to understand what, how, in what sequence it happened and what to do about it. That's what this handbook is about. Consideration of these issues in the book is guided by a comprehensive view of the process of management of production assets and a systematic approach, is accompanied by extensive illustrative material, a description of practical techniques and tools that are recommended for implementation in the context of industrial enterprises. Examples from the authors' experience are given to provide the best understanding and mastering of the methodology of equipment failure management as an essential piece of the production asset management system.

Every engineering manager or specialist, every industrial enterprise in its activities inevitably faces equipment failures, which can have negative consequences of varying levels and nature. These include not only economic losses but also those associated with threats to human life and health, as well as to the environment.

Reduction of risks (probability of occurrence and consequences) caused by equipment failures, development, and implementation of continuous improvements based on information about the occurred accidents is a complex managerial task and an essential part necessary to ensure effective management of production assets, implementation of tactical and strategic objectives, policy and mission of the enterprise.

The proposed methodology for managing equipment failures based on the concept of sustainable development of the enterprise, as well as the requirements of international and national standards applicable in the Russian Federation, adaptation of best international practices consistently shapes the understanding of accidents as feedback in the system of management of production assets.

The book proves that from the point of view of tactical and strategic enterprise management, the most significant results can be obtained from the implementation of improvement measures based on the execution of joint analysis of accidents. Analysis of equipment failures is designed to provide the process of managerial decision-making information necessary to select the optimal actions, based on which corrective and preventive actions are taken. In this case, it is aimed not only and not so much at combating the consequences of failures, but to a greater extent - at eliminating their root causes and preventing the possibility of recurrence in the future.

Based on the understanding of the differences and peculiarities of the evolution of corporate cultures, which gives a theory of spiral dynamics of development, a practical model for assessing the possibility and feasibility of implementing certain measures for improvement is created, and modern practices of production asset management provide patterns and benchmarks that can be adapted to the context of a particular enterprise. Investigation and analysis of equipment failures fill the substantive part of measures for improvement, serving as a trigger for perfection and development of the enterprise as a whole and the system of maintenance and repair (M&R) of equipment in particular.

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Sidorov V.A., Sidorov A.V., Analysis and prevention of equipment failures. Главный механик. 2021;4.
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