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Актуальный авангард XXI века

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Borisov Sergey Victorovich was born July 12, 1956 in the village of Russian Kameshkir, Penza region. Childhood and school years were spent in the village of Peschanka (in the same area) — in the middle of the Central Russia nature and peasant life. That laid the foundations of the artist's aesthetics and worldview. In 1983 he graduated from the Penza Art College and moved to the city of Volgograd. Since 1985 he has worked as an artist and participated in exhibitions.

The first 10 years of creative activity — the period of a wide variety of samples — in types, techniques, materials, themes and forms of art: book graphics, architecture, scenography, direction, poetry, art theory...

The main kind of creative expression was graphics. In 1994 he began to study oil painting and to this day it is the main form of his creative selfexpression.

To date, there are written more than 500 paintings. Borisov S. is a diverse artist, working in a variety of ways, genres, themes, styles. There are more than 15 projects located in a permanent job or completed.

First of all, we should note the richness of the content, the genre diversity, the diversity of intellectual interests and manifestations in the Borisov's creative work: metaphysics and philosophy, the theme of women, the historical theme, the theme of human types and images, the theme of the Russian national, etc. This is all the more valuable in culture — against the backdrop of today's cultural realities: the dominance of commercial art, the main functions of which are the functions of decoration, delight, entertainment.

Borisov S.V. is of course a modern artist in his work. You can add, and avant-garde. But the modernity and avant-garde of his works do not consist in the fact that he fulfills the standards generally accepted in modern «avant-garde» art. He goes in the channel of the beaten currents and replicates the external devices of the now fashionable, what is usually called the avant-garde according to the old habit. S.V. Borisov's modernity of art is a courageous modernity — just like a conscious refusal of the artist to flee as part of the most mass group of his colleagues to the widest gates of fashionable and popular trends and movements. Just like a refusal to perform the most massive and fashionable ritual «pas». The art of Borisov S. is modern and avant-garde since it reflects modern life (directly or indirectly). Since in his work the artist tries to respond to the current and important issues of the present time.

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Актуальный авангард XXI века. Русская галерея-XXI век / Russian gallery. XXI c.. 2018;1.
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