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3. В. Бычков. Георгий Победоносец. 2014. Деревянная скульптура.

Резьба по дереву, грунтовка — левкас, роспись — темпера, золочение — сусальное золото, киот из ценных пород дерева (вишня). 60х80

V. Bychkov. Saint George. 2014. Wooden sculpture. Wood-carving, priming — gesso, paintings — tempera, gold plating — gold leaf, icon case of primary timber (cherry). 60х80

4. В. Бычков. Святая Троица. 2009. Деревянная скульптура. Резьба по

дереву, роспись — темпера, золочение — сусальное золото. 60х80х8

V. Bychkov. Holy Trinity. 2009. Wooden sculpture.Wood-carving, paintings — tempera, gold plating — gold leaf. 60х80х8

Sculpture, like any other type of art, shows the world as the sculptor sees it or wants to see it. Like other types of art sculpture has its own specifics which are reflected both in the content and in the choice of materials.

The wooden sculptures take a special place since they have been made for many centuries. The first wooden sculptures found by the scientists were made during the period of Ancient Asia: back then the artists were already sculpting figures of leaders and gods (idols) from various species of wood.

As for Russian sculpture art — it stems from the Slavic times. Russian lands were always rich with forests; this is why wood always was the available material that could be used for utility purposes and for art. That was the reason why they built houses and carved figures of idols out of wood. These idols were primitive, but that age was the origin of wood carving art.

Apart from that, from the moment of the Conversion of Russia they have been making various church accessories from wood as well. Most often those were handmade icons our ancestors gave each other as presents to commemorate important days like birthdays, weddings or even funerals. Such icons were treasured and passed down for generations. There is a good reason in choosing wood to make icons since according to ancient Russian legends the wood allowed the men to contact the God because it is a fully natural material.

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